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void StatPopup::takeReading (  )  [protected, slot]

Take a fresh reading and update all visual elements accordingly.

Definition at line 481 of file statpopup.cpp.

References StatDock::addPercentReading(), dock, lower, resizeRequested, resizeToText(), takeReadingInternal(), and upper.

Referenced by KCPULoad::setSMP(), startUpdates(), and StatPopup().


    if (dock[0])
        dock[0]->addPercentReading(upper[0], lower[0]);
    if (dock[1])
        dock[1]->addPercentReading(upper[1], lower[1]);

    if (isVisible()) {
        // Only resize if the pop-up is visible; otherwise fullReading
        // might be stale anyway so we'll do it when we show the pop-up.
        if (resizeRequested)


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